Sparklewhite Teeth Home Whitening Kit

Sparklewhite Teeth Home Whitening Kit

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Have you tried whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, whitening pens from the supermarket or over the counter and they just HAVEN’T WORKED?

Well that’s because the gel is not strong enough, toothpaste is too thick & not on your teeth long enough & blocks the tooth pores. Whitening gel needs to absorb into your tooth pores inside the enamel as they hold the stains. The LED light activates the gel & helps push the gel down into the stained pores bleaching out the stains. Your tooth pores are just like your skin pores that absorb pollution.


  • 1 x Dental grade 6% Hydrogen Peroxide application pen
  • 1 x LED Activator light incl. 2 batteries
  • Shade guide
  • Instructions


  • Look younger & healthier
  • Look & Feel much more confident
  • Suitable for 14yrs +
  • Painless & SAFE
  • Rejuvenates caps, crowns, & veneers
  • Great results
  • Approximately 20 applications per pen
  • No messy moulds or whitened gums
  • Take it every where you go, just paint & go

Just paint the gel on to your teeth just like painting your nails, insert the light, relax for 30 minutes & away you go doing whatever you like for the day/night.

Great to take away on holiday, honeymoon, before an important meeting, a date, or just to maintain after an in salon teeth whitening treatment.

NB the gel in our pens is Hydrogen Peroxide 6% which is not as strong as what is used at a professional in salon teeth whitening treatments of Hydrogen Peroxide 12% due to the NZ Regulations.

All this means is that you just need to do a few more treatments over time to achieve the same result.

Know that you are buying online from a Registered Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Practitioner & member of the NZCTWA (NZ Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Assoc.)